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About Carol

I always knew I wanted to help others...

As a professional organizer I take on the role of teacher, coach, and often therapist...


I really enjoyed working with Carol. She was at once approachable and warm. I did not feel judged for not being able to tackle something so 'simple' as organizing my very busy home. Instead I felt like I had a kind teacher who took the time to understand where I was coming from and what my families needs were in our daily living. It was delightful!! We got so much done and I was left with even more great ideas. It was like I had an organizing coach, a personal trainer if you will. I know if she was not there to encourage me and help me through it I would have simply stopped due to being so lost and overwhelmed. It was a great investment and we are still using her amazing tips years later!!!

Andrea Mohan, Minneapolis, MN

I'm so glad that I met Carol. When my mother passed away I was very overwhelmed with organizing her estate. Carol was able to be help me decide what to keep and what to donate.

Nancy Weymouth, Minneapolis, MN