About Company Founder Carol Hultquist

I always knew I wanted to help others, so I got a teaching degree. What I didn't know was that "helping others" would look like so many years later.

As a professional organizer I take on the role of teacher, coach, and often therapist. You make all the decisions, I'm there to guide you and make appropriate solutions. Taking a poorly funtioning space and transforming it into something usable makes me happy. Helping my clients achieve their goals and making their own lives more enjoyable is very satisfying for me.

A passion for both organizing and helping others is what started this company in 2009. The relief that is so visible on the faces of our clients is what keeps this company going. We take recycling and donating seriously because our clients do. Not knowing where to send items keeps unwanted belongings in the way far too long. In 2015 Natural Organizing moved from the sprawling Twin Cities to the beautiful shores of Lake Superior in Marquette, MI. The opportunities for organizing, recycling and donating are prevalent here.