What does a professional organizer do?

The Professional Organizers job is part teacher, part coach, part therapist. We will:
◦ Ask relevant questions so we, together, create a plan of organization
◦ Listen to your needs
◦ Assist you through the organization process
◦ Encourage you to move forward in your progress

What a professional organizer does NOT do?

◦ Clean for you. We will work together to clear the clutter
◦ Make you get rid of items. You are in charge at every step, making every decision
◦ Judge you. If you are seeking the help of a professional organizer than it only follows that you have disorganized spaces

How do I justify taking time out of my already overscheduled life to get organized?

If more time in your day would be beneficial, being organized can give it to you
◦ The average American wastes one hour each day due to their lack of organization, that's a total of 15 days a year
◦ 40% of all housework is eliminating clutter
◦ Paperwork has been voted the biggest burden for small businesses
◦ The average U.S executive wastes six weeks per year retrieving misplaced information from messy desks and files

Our budget is stretched pretty thin, how do I justify spending the money to hire a professional organizer?

• It's very likely that the disorganized life you are leading is causing you to waste money:
◦ Late fees and finance charges due to misplaced bills
◦ Missed opportunities: rebates and coupons that expired, a lost receipt means you can't return a purchase
◦ Extra trips to the store, often to buy the duplicate of something you can't locate
◦ Dining out excessively because you were too hurried to pack a lunch or without a complete list you didn't buy all the ingredients for dinner while at the store

My employees already have full schedules, why would I want to take them away from their work to get organized?

• An organized employee is a high functioning employee:
◦ 30% of all employees time is spent trying to find lost documents
◦ A survey of executives found they waste 6 weeks each year searching for lost documents
◦ 21% of American employees claim they have missed important work deadlines due to their own disorganization