Everything begins with a free 45-minute consultation. At this time a professional organizer will come to your home or business to discuss your needs and challenges. Together, we will come up with goals and a plan unique to you and your space. The best part is you aren’t allowed to tidy up before we come over, we need to see the “situation” as it happens in real life.

Your professional organizer will likely take measurements and photographs during this visit. All photos are used for reference purposes only. If at any time Natural Organizing would like to use them for marketing materials (before and after, etc.) we will only do so with your explicit permission.

$40 / hour

$110 / 3 hour session

This is a good time frame to see the rewards of your work without becoming overwhelmed. There are a lot of decisions to be made (more so with paperwork) and it can be mentally exhausting.

In 3 hours you can expect to organize:
◦ A closet, small storage space
◦ The paper situation invading your kitchen
◦ Typical workspace (desk)
◦ A shed
◦ A living space (living room, bedroom, etc.)

$210 / 6 hour session

In 6 hours you can expect to organize:
◦ 2—3 closets / a large storage space
◦ Setup or redesign a filing system
◦ Your desk plus some filing / paperwork
◦ One of your troublesome rooms (playroom, kid’s bedroom, kitchen, etc.)
◦ Garage