Set aside time to work. This means no children/spouse/partner/roommate, no phone, no facebook, no distractions. Just you and your goal. If you are working on something that requires lots of thinking (sorting through papers, photos, family heirlooms) don’t work more than 3 hours without a break. It’s mentally draining, you want to walk away feeling like you accomplished something, not like you never want to come back.

Work in one space and don’t leave. Do not leave the room to put something away, you are likely to get distracted and off task. Stay put and create a “belongs elsewhere” pile and put it all away when you’re done.

Complete your task. If you have a “donate” pile, put it in the car and donate it. Take the trash and recycling out. If something belongs somewhere else, put it there. Leaving piles in your workspace creates more clutter. Being able to see what you have accomplished is vital to staying positive.

Have a support team if this helps you. Someone to help you decide what stays and what goes. Someone to listen while you tell the stories that belong to the items. Someone to keep you on task. Someone to answer to at the end of the day.

Buy your organizing materials (bins, totes, drawer sets, etc.) after you know what you need. This means after you have purged the unwanted items, after you know how much of each item you have. You may need to take measurements with you to the store. You also may want to take some of your items with you to know if they will fit.

Stop thinking and start acting.